HotForex Rescue Bonus - 30% Up to 7,000 USD

HotForex Rescue Bonus - 30% Up to 7,000 USD
  • Promotion Period: Until Cancellation
  • Promotions: 30% Deposit Bonus - Up to 7,000 USD

HotForex 30% Rescue Bonus

Get Tradeable 30% Forex Deposit Bonus by HotForex to the client’s all deposits – Trade with 30% rescue bonus that can be treated as a part of your equity, and it will save you from getting the early margin call.
Promotion name 30% Rescue Bonus
Bonus size 30%
Minimum deposit required 50 USD / 40 EUR
Maximum amount of bonus 7 000 USD / 5 000 EUR
Available to This promotion is available to non-EU clients only.
Promotion valid Until cancellation

How to Apply 30% Rescue Bonus

  1.     Open an account and get verified.
  2.     Make a minimum deposit of $ 50.

Withdrawal Condition

The 30% Rescue Bonus cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances.   
When a Client makes a withdrawal from his trading account, he will be subject to a proportionate removal of the rescue amount awarded. The formula used by the system regarding Removals following a withdrawal request is: WITHDRAWAL AMOUNT X 30%.

For example
If a Client withdraws 100 USD from their account, 30 USD will be deducted automatically from the 30% rewards amount that had been previously claimed and awarded.

Any rewards amount that has been removed cannot be reclaimed and counts towards the maximum Rescue Program amount of 7,000 USD.

Additional Stop Out Rewards

If you reach Stop Out Limit, then you will be entitled to an additional 30% ‘Stop Out Rewards’ bonus on subsequent deposits made into your account. The maximum cumulative Stop Out Rewards that can be claimed is $3,000/€2,000. In order to claim the bonus you must email HotForex your relevant Trading Account number.

Terms and Conditions

3.1.    The Rescue Program will be deposited automatically into the relevant Trading Account.
3.2.    The Rescue Program will be applied on EVERY deposit for the relevant Trading Account. Please note that the Rescue Program applies only to deposits over $50/€40.
For example, if a Client deposits 100$ will receive 30$ as Rescue Program
3.3.    The Rescue Program can only be applied to one account per Client.
3.4.    The Rescue Program can be used as “Stop Loss” as there is no limitation in using it for trading.
3.5.    The Rescue Program can be used as Margin.
3.6.    The Rescue Program cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances.
3.7.    The maximum total Rescue Program that can be claimed is 7,000 USD/ 5,000 EUR per Client.
3.8.    The maximum leverage available on Micro Accounts to which the Rescue Program has been applied is 1:500.
3.9.    This Rescue Program can be lost with no limitations.
3.10.    Clients cannot switch between bonus programs offered by the Company. If you no longer wish to use a trading account with bonus, please send an email to [email protected] in order to archive the bonus account.
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